Sci-fi Themed Games Unit – Furniture Range Now Available!

We expend a lot of time & effort here at Icon & Co producing eye-catching props & display furniture that get used for a shoot, a show or at best, a season, & is then consigned to a skip or storage (that’s enough alliteration – ed).

That’s ok with us, it’s just the fast-moving world we inhabit, but it did get us thinking about how nice it might be to create something with a bit more permanence, & to perhaps spread our creative abilities to a wider audience.  With that in mind, we’ve produced a series of furniture items that are as much for the home as for any commercial setting & are, crucially, built to last!

First up, & featured here, is a sci-fi-themed Games Console Storage Unit & TV Stand; designed, hand-made & hand-painted by our art department & bringing to bear all the experience & expertise normally reserved by our artists for the props & sets of Dr Who, amongst others.

This unit can currently be picked up from our Etsy shop, is part of a highly limited production run, & will soon be joined by a matching range of sci-fi inspired, video game oriented, shelving & storage.  Suitable for bedroom, living room, play-room, or whatever you call the space that either yourself or the gamer in your life feeds the gaming habit…

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Sci-fi themed, hand-made, hand-painted games console unit, TV stand.

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