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A Run on the Rubble : Fake Concrete Props

We’re approaching the end of November & despite the Christmas projects still very much providing the dominant theme in the workshop (seriously, there were some late ones this year), we have had a bit of a break from the glitter & the grottos.

This has come in the form of a number of separate requests for some movie dystopia-themed piles of faux rubble, of which photos below.


Forever the showman, I’ve presented some ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots:


Fake Concrete Props?  Surely not!



Fake concrete props, after our scenic artists have had a go.



Some more fake concrete props!

These theatrical props are, of course, perfect for your standard armageddon movie or theatre production, for your marketing promo event, or simply for showing off to your friends by pretending to be Incredible Hulk-super strong and waving them above your head.

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  1. Betty purcell
    Betty purcell says:

    Do you have polystyrene rubble, for a show we are doing about Palestine, here in Dublin. How much would it cost, and could we send it by mail?


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