Welcome to Icon & Co. (Wales) Ltd

Based in Caerleon, near Newport in South Wales, one of the more dynamic & creative hubs existing in the UK today*, Icon & Co (Wales) was set up in 1995 by prop makers Jason Stott and Mark Abraham, two work colleagues with over 25 years of experience in the prop making, display and scenic art manufacturing professions.  Today Icon and Co can call upon the expertise of a variety of skilled individuals – artists, designers, carpenters and painters, as well as experienced project managers, & also one or two who have impeccable telephone manners (so polite) – and can call upon an assortment of skills and professions to help deliver on the creativity and uniqueness that clients & customers require!

* Possibly, maybe not. It is quite pretty, though.

Icon & Co can design and construct bespoke display props and unique display furniture and fittings for shop window display or store interiors; theatrical props for movie, TV or museum & exhibition display, scenic artwork and stage sets, as well as general theming & props for restaurants, bars and night clubs – from giant props, large scale ‘selfie’ & ‘photo opportunity’ booth pop-up to counter-top point of sale (POS). In summary (& I do tend to go on); we can produce pretty much anything you like! Why not give us a go..? You can’t answer that, can you?

We can bring our experience & expertise to bear in creating themed furniture, printed artwork & hand-painted interior environments: ‘shabby chic’ theming & murals for the commercial & domestic customer; for marketing, photo ops & pop ups, promotion tools, playrooms or nurseries. Exhibition or award ceremony or any TV, movie or theatrical stage set location. As if to prove that point: on hand for you, for your home or business, are the very artist teams who have helped create some of the iconic sets & props for the BBC’s Dr Who, amongst others!

Bespoke display items & refurbishing of existing stock

Icon & Co’s propmakers and sculptors, scenic artists and set painters, craftspersons, carpenters and joiners can create whatever quirky item you require from a huge variety of materials; with experience of working in timber, metal, soft furnishing fabric and plastics; of sculpting in polystyrene and clay, as well as of mould making and casting using resin, fibreglass, plaster and Jesmonite. An in-house CNC machining service provided from our Caerleon (near Newport, South Wales) workshop allow Icon & Co to provide this bespoke routering service also, on a large scale format with a CNC bed size of 3x2m (9.8’x6.5′). We can also make a decent cup tea (some more so than others) – we’re not savages – although some of our mugs can do with a bit of a clean.

Icon & Co’s painters are proficient with paint brush and airbrush; scenic backdrops painted or printed onto canvas or banner, or hand-rendered paint effects re-creating the fake look of stone, concrete or any number of distressed and rustic effects – this being a speciality amongst many others. So ‘faux’, scenic painting is definitely a specialism here, but there is nothing at all fake in the kind of high standards & top, professional quality which inspires everything we do here (bit cheesy).

 Icon’s spray painters are experienced in producing top quality, professional, industry standard paint and protective coverings – highly durable for your bespoke items or for the refurbishing of existing merchandising stock.

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Prototypes, Models & Maquettes; Artists Impressions & CNC Machining Services

Whether you have a fully formed vision or a vague idea sketched onto the back of an envelope, Icon & Co can produce results that will exceed your expectations. They can work from your own detailed drawings or produce them for you. Realistic computer rendering or an artist’s impression can bring your project to life without breaking the budget, and a 3D model or maquette will add that extra dimension.

There, I think that’s everything.  As you were, thanks for reading, & do give us a call!

Prototype or production run, temporary pop-up or permanent & large scale installation, you might do a lot worse than giving these guys a call, they’ve accumulated quite a bit of experience over the preceding 30 years, & they’re actually quite pleasant people (most of the time).

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