Giant Prop Making & Seasonal Display at Icon & Co (Wales)

Giant prop, props display gift wrapped gift present giant prop oversized love heart ribbon bow st Valentines day

Here at Icon & Co, much like the greetings card industry, we’re forever aware of the changing seasons & the falling of feast days, as it tends to inspire much of the stuff that we create & distribute from our workshop doors (so you know the kind of thing: Christmas themed shop window displays, a giant prop in the shape of an Easter bunny [for example], bespoke, ‘Spring themed’ retail display furniture, you name it).

This weekend, then, it’s the turn of St Valentine, so take this picture of a giant, gift-wrapped, display prop as a free reminder before you’re forced to dash, heart in mouth, to the nearest petrol service station – ‘though it’s not yet too late to make a card yourself you know!

Examples of other ‘giant prop’ commissions undertaken by Icon & Co are featured below – some more seasonal than others – which show the variety of what we’re capable of.  Enjoy!

Giant rabbit window display prop

giant prop polystyrene rabbit props, easter bunny, sculpt sculptor, 3d artists, propmakers, poly foam

Fake tree prop

giant fake sculpted tree prop lifesize display sculpture

Fake, antique style, polystyrene ‘weight’ prop

giant prop ton tonnes prop, pretend vintage style weight, oversize Victorian retro iron bar weights

Oversize rugby ball prop

giant prop oversize rugby ball selfie op photobooth photo booth themed posing selfie booth prop props manufacturers major international sporting event promotional prop maker display

Giant, abstract faceted window display prop

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Spring themed window display

giant prop over size 3d number letter window date 2016 Spring Summer window shop display prop numbers letters text alphabet wimbledon london shop three dimensional text zero petunias flower displays

Giant book prop for retail display

Giant book prop fake over size book display prop props manufacturers uk

Polystyrene sculpted fake cake prop

Giant prop fake cake props manufacturer faux, welsh language, over size, huge birthday cake display prop makers