Trees – The Perennials of Retail Display

Large Display Tree Props – Retail Display / Theatrical Prop / Wedding decoration

I was going to start by saying that trees & spring kind of go together; I have a small pear tree in my own back garden (such are the bucolic charms of Grangetown in Cardiff) &, at this time of year, I find myself checking on its progress for signs of buds; for any sign that the gloom of winter is beginning to recede – hopes hanging on the branches like, er, so much merchandise…


Of course the enduring symbol of Christmas, for the faithful or otherwise, is the evergreen, so we can see that no one part of the calendar has any great claim to the tree as being its own.


Hence the tree’s ubiquity in shop display; it truly is the denim jeans of visual merchandising!


Icon & Co have been creating tree themed & large display tree props for both retail & theatrical clients (& all that exists in between the two) for much of the company’s 20+ year existence & there has been much variety in style.


Most recently, & proof that the popularity of this timeless & versatile mainstay of product presentation shows no sign of abating, Icon & Co have had increasing interest in their ‘off-the-shelf’ display tree solutions, as well as in customised versions fulfilling the diverse requirements of their many & varied customers.


One of their more recent tree additions has proved popular with schools, churches, as well as with wedding parties & the like; their ‘Wish Tree‘ is supplied with blank message tags to allow for the attaching of messages of goodwill & hope, peace, etc., for making wishes, or for facilitating whatever interaction the school or church project determines.

On this page are a selection of trees & ‘tree-based display solutions‘ (catchy!) that begin to show some of the variety of this display prop & wedding decoration genre, & which will hopefully serve as demonstration that this natural & organic form can still be exciting, unpredictable, & visually powerful.

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