Large Format CNC Cutting Service at Icon & Co. (Wales) Ltd.


Icon & Co are proud to announce a new CNC cutting service with the arrival of their new large format CNC cutting machine router, a facility to cover Wales, England & Scotland regions of the UK.

Skipping most of the boring ‘CNC services’ technical stuff, (for e.g., CNC stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’, but you knew that already); what you probably do need to know is that Icon & Co’s bed size allows for the cutting of a sheet size at a mighty 3 metres x 2 metres, & can handle sheet timber, plastics, non-ferrous metals & composite materials.


The new, large scale, machine has replaced a smaller router that has enabled Icon & Co to establish themselves as experienced providers of CNC services in the south west & south Wales for many years.

Anyone who has need for the cutting or engraving of sheet material – be it carpenter, joiner or designer – can get in touch with the team at Icon & Co (Wales) to find out how they can help you realise your project.  We’re based near Newport in South Wales, but you’re welcome to bring to us your projects from further afield in Wales – Cardiff, Swansea, Chepstow, Merthyr Tydfil – or south west England; Bristol, Bath, Swindon, & of course London & the south east.


Icon & Co are also regional makers for the CNC based furniture design phenomenon that is Opendesk.  << click the link for more info.


Icon can work from finished designs, with fully functional CAD drawings (if you have them), or you can turn up with just a rough sketch & their talented design team can bring all to fruition on their super-fast bit of CNC kit (probably best to ring ahead to let them know you’re coming!).


Have a look below at some photos of just some of the kind of CNC work Icon are capable of…

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