Living History Series Airs

This weekend saw the launch of S4c’s latest living history series, ‘Y Llys’, in which 17 people give up modern life for a few weeks to immerse themselves into a Tudor way of living.  Icon & Co supplied props, scenic artwork & their considerable 21st century carpentry skills to help transform the 14th Century fortified manor house at Tretower Court, Powys, for the purpose.

Modern gift-shop buildings had to be concealed & sympathetically blended into their more time-worn surroundings, & large interior spaces were divided up into smaller living spaces, with fake walls that needed to look as worn & ancient as their medieval setting required.  Beehives, water-butts as well as entire out-house buildings were constructed & themed for the show, including a functional latrine building, set as a free-standing addition to the gardens.  Check out our portfolio pages for more on-set pictures.

The ongoing series can be viewed, with subtitles, here:

Fake stone clad castle wall vac-form stone work
View into the courtyard showing the disguised gift shop building, immediately behind the raffia-clad wooden steps.
fake plaster wall prop aged timber paint effect
Fake plaster dividing walls with scenically-painted timber framework.
fake stone movie stone-effect painted prop
Concealed water container with scenically-painted, vac-form stone cladding.


fake stone latrine prop
Free-standing latrine with fake stone & scenically-painted timber.
fake stone toilet prop
Toilet block interior view!

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