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Icon & The Global Platform for Locally Made Furniture*

* sounding like a lesser known Harry Potter title

We are very proud to announce the recent coming together of Icon & Co

& the design & manufacturing phenomena that is Opendesk,

the online platform that is bringing designers, makers & customers together!

They call it ‘Open Making’, the process whereby designers are provided a global distribution channel to showcase their designs.

This platform comes in the form of the Opendesk website, which allows designers & their products to connect with potential customers, with anyone looking for designer creations without the designer price tag.

Icon & Co CNC Cutting services south Wales, work desk, locally sourced designer furniture

From digital to actual

This ‘digital fabrication’ bit is the essential crux of what makes Opendesk work; a designer in, say, Brazil can upload their digital designs to the website, & a customer in (oh, go on, lets say) south Wales can employ a maker in their local area to download the digital files & produce it for her. 

The customer pays the agreed price from which the maker gets paid, the designer gets a royalty percentage, & Opendesk themselves get a small amount to enable them to continue & expand what they do.

Plugging for Wales

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Icon & Co are especially pleased that they are plugging what was a significant gap in the makers network that was Wales; we are currently the only Wales-based manufacturer on the digital books of this initiative, with the crucial qualification being our 3m x 2m bed-size CNC cutting machine.

That & our talented workforce.

Carpentry for hire

The clever bit, & where we come in, is that Opendesk also features a select database of makers (there also exists a broader database – FabHub – about which more later), vetted for both their essential carpentry skills & their capacity for digital fabrication.

Eco-friendly alternative

edie stool coffee cafe table set, opendesk, cnc cut cutting routering service south wales, cardiff, newport

Its a beautifully egalitarian & simple proposition that provides a more social & eco-friendly alternative to mass-production, as well as an affordable way to buy custom made designer products.

Reliable & consistent

It is this CNC technology – the main technology being used by Opendesk products at this moment in time – that ensures any design can be downloaded, any number of times, in any location, & fabricated reliably & consistently in accordance with the designer’s vision.

Icon & Co can now also be found on FabHub, a global directory for digital fabricators

& which links directly through to Opendesk.  Check out our profile!

The range of furniture available is ever expanding, but for the time being there is an emphasis on work space items.

Ideal, then, if you’re looking to fit out a commercial office space but plenty of crossover appeal for the design conscious home office, too.

So if you think you might have a need for elegant, functional, contemporary design in your work life; at home or in your business (that’s all of us, right?), then take a look at the Opendesk website or get in touch with us directly, we’re always happy to answer any questions!

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