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Trees – The Perennials of Retail Display

Large Display Tree Props – Retail Display or Theatrical Prop!

I was going to start by saying that trees & spring kind of go together; I have a small pear tree in my own back garden (such are the bucolic charms of Grangetown in Cardiff) &, at this time of year, I find myself increasingly checking on its progress for signs of buds; for any sign that the gloom of winter is beginning to recede.  Indeed; hopes hanging on the branches like, er, so much merchandise…
Of course the enduring symbol of Christmas, for the faithful or otherwise, is the evergreen, so immediately we can see that no one part of the calendar has any great claim to the tree as being its own.  Hence the tree’s ubiquity in shop display; it truly is the denim jeans of visual merchandising!
Icon & Co have been creating tree themed & large display tree props for both retail & theatrical clients (& all that exists in between those two poles) for much of the company’s 20+ year existence & there has been much variety in style.  Most recently, & proof that the popularity of this timeless & versatile mainstay of product presentation shows no sign of abating, we’ve had much interest in our ‘off-the-shelf’ display tree solutions, as well as in customised versions more closely fulfilling the diverse design intentions of our varied customers.
Below are a small selection of trees & ‘tree-based display solutions’ (now there’s a jaunty promotional phrase for the side of the van) that begin to show some of the variety of display prop, & which will hopefully serve as demonstration that this natural & organic form can still be exciting, unpredictable, & visually powerful:
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This very sculptural, stylised MDF tree was designed to conceal an in-store column.

mdf large display tree props, wooden timber display trees, spring summer retail shop plinth

This custom made ‘super tree’ has had a couple of drum plinths added at the base to boost the overall height to a commanding 12 ft., as well as providing extra product display space.

mdf tree, wooden timber display trees, spring summer retail shop plinth leaves, stylised fake trees

Spring / Summer display tree in white – detail view.

mdf display trees, floor standing, raw mdf, white timber xmas pretend trees, faux tree, cnc cutting prop

MDF display trees as shop window props

retail-display-unit-tree, large display tree, mdf, bright coloured

In-store column disguised with tree feature – the parts here created with our CNC cutting machine.

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A more traditional looking tree – a retail prop but not out of place on a theatre stage (minus the doll’s house)!


Lego Window Display props, christmas window display scheme, hamleys london, giant props, figurines, lego figures, xmas tree,

Lego themed, Christmas window display featuring giant lego figures, sculpted by Icon & Co’s artists.

large display tree props, Xmas, seasonal display, snow, noel, wood wooden timber stylised, 2D fret cut, cnc

MDF Christmas tree in three parts, with interlocking, self-assembly design & decorative cut-out detailing.

multi-faceted, display trees, london, cab, innovative creative design, cnc cut ply, Alfred Dunhill, window display

This innovative design display tree is series of plywood facets mounted onto a steel framework, & features London themed ‘leaves’