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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from one of the UK’s leading props manufacturers!


Is it ever too early to start turning one’s attention to all things Spring / Summer?  Maybe not, but we should at least pause to wish any viewers of our website, any customers; past, present & future (what’s been keeping you? Pick up that phone!), a very Happy New Year & the best wishes for a healthy & prosperous 2015.  Its not too late to get that 2015, Spring / Summer scheme off of the drawing/mood boards & into three dimensions (you’ll probably want to get a move on though, & perhaps get in touch with everyone’s favourite props manufacturers…)

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Living History Series Airs

This weekend saw the launch of S4c’s latest living history series, ‘Y Llys’, in which 17 people give up modern life for a few weeks to immerse themselves into a Tudor way of living.  Icon & Co supplied props, scenic artwork & their considerable 21st century carpentry skills to help transform the 14th Century fortified manor house at Tretower Court, Powys, for the purpose.

Modern gift-shop buildings had to be concealed & sympathetically blended into their more time-worn surroundings, & large interior spaces were divided up into smaller living spaces, with fake walls that needed to look as worn & ancient as their medieval setting required.  Beehives, water-butts as well as entire out-house buildings were constructed & themed for the show, including a functional latrine building, set as a free-standing addition to the gardens.  Check out our portfolio pages for more on-set pictures.

The ongoing series can be viewed, with subtitles, here: http://www.s4c.co.uk/en/entertainment/y-llys/

Fake stone clad castle wall vac-form stone work

View into the courtyard showing the disguised gift shop building, immediately behind the raffia-clad wooden steps.

fake plaster wall prop aged timber paint effect

Fake plaster dividing walls with scenically-painted timber framework.

fake stone movie stone-effect painted prop

Concealed water container with scenically-painted, vac-form stone cladding.


fake stone latrine prop

Free-standing latrine with fake stone & scenically-painted timber.

fake stone toilet prop

Toilet block interior view!

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Icon on Instagram

Icon & Co can now be found on Instagram; the filter-friendly, photo-sharing platform.  As a very ‘visual’ company, it seems like a sensible move to me!  Find our profile & take a look at our pictures here.

Icon & Co have arrived on Instagram

Icon & Co have arrived on Instagram


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Mini Tardis Dr Who Prop

Flatline Tardis Dr Who Prop

Well, the latest BBC Dr Who series is almost upon us (Series 8, set to start 23/8/14), & there is palpable excitement amongst its many fans.  We (Icon & Co [Wales] Ltd) are very proud of our continued involvement as one of the suppliers to the show’s production in nearby Cardiff, & were especially excited to spot the media coverage of the mini Tardis Dr Who prop, which was built by ourselves, that appeared a few weeks back (see pic above).  Our handiwork was splashed across much of the British printed media, including The Sun’s full-page treatment which we’ve featured here.

As the animation below shows, we did have a little trouble with the transportation mechanism which, once installed, got stuck on a de-materialisation loop.  We did eventually manage to jump in and flick the necessary switch, bringing all back under control, but not after we lost the boss somewhere in 1835.  I’m sure he’ll be happy there…

Series 8 Dr Who Tardis

Dr Who prop, Series 8, Mini Tardis Prop


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Rotating Planet Earth Globe Prop

Animated Props & Copious Glitter!


One of my favourite Icon & Co created animated props, this rotating window feature was created to display gift items from the theme park’s on-site shop, with the park’s various zones each being represented by an interchangeable shelf.  A neat blending of some of the skill-sets on offer at Icon & Co; 3D timber & glass fibre construction, motorised automation, digital printing & the covering of stuff in copious quantities of glitter…

YouTube link ‘here’.  Also, earlier in the life of this project, we produced a series of animated illustrations to demonstrate to the client what their completed window display might look like, here.


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Animated Window Display, 1 of 2; London Skyline

Animated window display 1, shown here, featured Tower Bridge opening & closing, set between The Shard, The Tower of London & ‘The Gherkin’, here set up in our South Wales workshop (the gif is moving somewhat faster than the original model!):


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Animated London Window Display, 2 of 2.

Here is window 2 of a series of animated retail display props which we produced for the London store of a high-end mens’ fashion chain. Each window display featured a moving element taken from an iconic London landmark, powered by various motors, cams, drive-belts & the like. Here is the Parliament / Nelson’s Column / London […]

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Fake Brick Wall Prop

Movie Props & Retail Display


Here is a link  to a little movie on YouTube capturing for all time an example of a typical Icon & Co job*: individual wall sections or whole buildings & streets can be reproduced from sheet plastic & timber & painted to look just like the real thing. Sometimes even better than the real thing. Routinely used for film & TV stage-set building & movie props but also as props in stores & shop windows where a bit of ‘street’ character is required!

* There is no such thing as a typical Icon & Co job, you should know that by now.

Happy St. David’s Day…

…from Icon & Co’s prop makers!

March is finally here again so we’d like to wish all of you out there a very Happy St. David’s Day, from all of us here at Icon & Co (Wales!). Spring is most definitely within touching distance again. Featured here are some photos of the Newport ‘Super Dragons’, which were sculpted from polystyrene with a fibreglass covering by one of our talented sculptor / prop makers / all-round good bloke, Tim, for Newport City Council. The blank, multi-cast dragons were then distributed to selected city residents & artistically enhanced, for eventual public display!