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Newport’s Tiny Rebel Brew Co. Put City on the Map

Newport Beer Best Served Gold.

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Newport based Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. win Supreme Champion Beer of Britain, 2015.


It’s not always just about us on these blog pages, so its with a healthy dose of regional pride that we today feel compelled to give a shout out to another Newport company who have shown an enviable & exponential rise in profile & fortunes of late – the Tiny Rebel Brewing Company.


It helps of course that they’re a brewery – it’s so much easier to get excited about a brewery & its products than, say, an insurance company (I’m sure that’s not just me) – but last week the Tiny Rebels won the highest prize in UK brewing industry – the brewing Oscars, if you like – by being named Supreme Gold Champions of Britain for their bitter, ‘Cwtch‘ (‘hug’ in Welsh, basically).

It really has nothing whatsoever to do with the hope that we might see free samples of their award winning craft brews come our way, & everything to do with saying ‘congratulations’, you’ve done Newport proud!


We’ll be having some of what you’re drinking!